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    Top Tips for Running

    Work on your core

    A good core is vital for efficient running. A strong back helps keep you up right, maximising your lung capacity. A strong abdominal helps drive knees up and down so one is not dragging their feet. For those looking to master the art of running, Pilates and dynamic flexible workouts like yoga are seen to provide the best results for runners.

    Run more hills

    The benefits of running hills is bountiful! Running hills really activates your core and forces you to drive your knee and hips up as you attempt to climb the slope. This ultimately strengthens your running power and after a few rounds of hill runs you will see improvements in your road running.

    Build miles gradually

    Go for distance rather than time and in the long run you will benefit. This is called building up your endurance. The human body has an incredible ability to adapt and the further you run, the greater the results.

    Eat whole foods

    Try to eat whole foods that look as close to how they are grown as possible. Avoid the processed food—like foods that dominate most conventional grocery chains. They’re packed with sodium, sugar, and empty calories and are a drain on your digestive system.

    Layer up when it’s cold

    It is easy to put off running when the weather is unwelcoming. However, wearing the right clothes can make all the difference to a cold run. Buying clothes like a moisture-wicking base layer, gloves, and a breathable wind-blocking top will make training outside a lot more enjoyable.