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    Top construction trends in 2021

    Now that 2021 is about to come to an end and 2022 is going to kick off, let’s take a look back on some of the biggest construction trends of the past year.

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    Offsite Construction

    In traditional construction, weather conditions increase costs by introducing contingency fees and require extra labour hours, which is not ideal. As well as this, onsite construction also tends to produce a lot of material waste. On the other hand, offsite construction has now become one of the emerging construction industry trends by allowing the efficient designing, manufacturing, and fabricating of a variety of building elements in a factory or other controlled environment. This in turn transforms the construction lifecycle in terms of sustainability, worker safety, and quality. Thus incorporating a range of innovative materials, 3D printing technology, and novel assembling techniques to stimulate growths.

    Robotics in Construction

    Construction robots have the fantastic ability of reducing human-induced error and losses due to fatigue. For example, collaborative robotics are able to automate bricklaying, painting, rebar tying, welding and many such repetitive tasks with great precision. These all contribute to increasing construction worker safety and significantly reduces operational time. Robotics solutions can also automate heavy equipment and fleets for transportation, excavation, demolition, load lifting and concrete works.

    Safety for workers in Construction

    Increasingly so in modern-day construction, there is a strict and necessary compliance with worker safety rules. Now whilst immersive technologies prevent probable onsite accidents, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) acts as a life saviour. In order to ensure worker safety, a large number of companies use PPE embedded with IoT sensors. These sophisticated sensors can detect signals in the form of temperature, vibrations, steps, heart rate and more, and then send the information for further analysis. Therefore this allows supervisors to remotely monitor worker’s health conditions and productivity.

    Connected Construction Site

    An excellent way to ensure smooth operations is through connecting construction sites. This can be achieved by formulating structured workflows and utilising integrated data at each step of the construction works to ensure the availability of the correct information to each stakeholder. In regard to IoT technologies they, in combination with AI, enable predictive logistics and hence drastically improve worker safety during construction and also optimise inventory to reduce wastage and related costs. Computer vision enables instant support and guidance, connecting construction sites to the main office.

    Mental Health in the Construction Industry