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    Top Tips for an Aspiring Female Engineer

    The engineering industry continues to struggle with female entrants into the industry, however if you are interested in becoming an engineer here are some tips to go by

    Research, research research

    Speak to the right people, seek advice ask questions to people within the industry. Speak to companies within the industry and see if they have any work experience positions. Like with any profession find out as much as you can from the people within the role they are your best sources of information.

    Be confident in your abilities

    Have a positive ‘can do’ mindset. Push out of your comfort zone as this is the only way you will learn, develop and grow. Engineering is a can be a fast pace industry in that technology enhancements plays a vital role in the development within engineering, there will always be something new to learn.

    Ignore stereotypes

    Unfortunately sometimes the people you can turn you off an idea, because of their own preconceived ideals. The engineering industry is still heavily populated by men, and many still think it is a man’s job. However, this doesn’t have to be like this, it’s not a ‘man only’ profession. These stereotypes need to be broken and this can only be done by women entering into the profession more and more.

    Find a mentor

    Find another female engineer that can help support your early journey in the industry. . Many people in a challenging workplace sometime feel the ‘imposter syndrome’ – like you don’t have a right to be there. Get this thought out of you mind and find someone that can help support you, give advice, It has been researched that men are generally more confident than women, so rise your confidence levels. Believe in your abilities and have someone that can remind you of that on the days where you feel low.

    Focus on the area of engineering that you love

    There are so many different field to enter within engineering. In your research you will find this out, if you enjoy writing code, or building products, or analysing, product development, All these areas will bring there own challenges but stay strong, once you find what you love immerse yourself fully. Having a job you enjoy is the best feeling.

    If you require any support, contact the various organisations that are there to provide advice and further information WISE.