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    Top Tips for getting back into the gym

    Consider how much time you’ve been inactive and any possible limitations

     If you’re working out again after an injury or illness, you’ll want to take extra care to gently ease back into exercise. Similarly, if it’s been months or years since you’ve been regularly active, you’ll need to start very slowly.

    Start small, every little bit counts

    Plenty of people adopt an “all or nothing” attitude with fitness, but the truth is that every little bit counts. So you’ll want to start small, add just 10 minutes a day, or take little steps to be more active throughout the day.

    Find what motivates you

    There’s a workout out there for everyone, whether you prefer joining a friend for a fitness class or going on a solo walk. Start out with something you enjoy and build on that in time.

    Straighten your back!

    Imagine spending the first months of gyms reopening in rehab because of an injury. Most gym injuries come from poor form, which is commonly associated with a slouching or un-braced back. Rule of thumb for good form is, chest up, shoulder blades rolled back, and a braced core.