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    Top Tips for getting back to work

    Take things one step at a time

    The method in which many of us work is likely to regularly change in the coming weeks so we will certainly need to keep adjusting. By no means expect everything to immediately return to normal.

    Chat with your kids about returning to work.

    You being at the house 24/7 to being gone for a large chunk of the day can be hard for kids of any age. Be sure to have a conversation with them about it and explain to them how often and when you will be going back to work.

    Make sure the house is in order.

    While you have likely set your house up for remote work, it would be ideal if you prep the house for you being gone for large periods of time. If you have pets, make sure they are in a safe area, clean up your home work space etc.

    Is your office workspace ready for you?

    Office areas may have changed or been without equipment for a prolonged period of time by this point, so don’t forget to ensure you are ready to transfer all your necessary work equipment back into the office, it could just be a laptop, or a larger PC setup, so means of transport is key.

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