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    Top Tips for improving Carpentry skills

    Measure, measure, and measure again.

    Knowing how to properly read a tape measure with a high level accuracy could mean the contrast between a job well done or a failed attempt.

    Work on your scribing (not the ancient egyptian kind)

    Scribing in carpentry is the act of visibly scoring the workpiece to mark out your measurements, these are not deep cuts, but instead faint construction lines that help you visualise your work procedure.

    Toolwork should be second nature.

    Properly familiarising yourself with all of the work tools you’ll come across is vital. Can’t blame your tools when you’re on the job, so be sure to maintain your kit properly.

    You have the power(tools)!

    Power tools have come a long way compared to 30 years ago, and they’re well integrated into almost every area of construction and engineering. So keep up to date on the newest and best power tools out there improve your work performance.