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    Top Tips for managing your outlook emails

    Don’t be afraid to embrace web-based.

    The modern versions of outlook shift a lot of the email/calendar/contact infrastructure to a web-based view, wherein the content is accessible from any device. Microsoft’s own Send email app designed for smartphones can make sending quick notes between co-workers and peers far simpler, all the while inputting any and all communications into your Microsoft Outlook history for better archiving and accessibility.

    Change your notifications settings.

    The chances of you being distracted during work are far more likely if you receive a notification every time an irrelevant or unnecessary email is received. So try going into your settings and changing your notifications alerts to suit your preferences, which emails are high priority? Which can wait?

    Try using folders.

    Your email inbox can get crowded pretty quickly, and at some point you’ll likely need to hunt down an older email amidst all of the other unrelated messages. You can get around this hassle by taking a few moments every now and again to categorise your email inbox into folders, conversations or groups to help compartmentalise your work. Alternatively you could just add new emails into folders as you go, whichever works best for you.

    Consider scheduling emails.

    If there are certain emails or messages you would like to be sent out later on, you could schedule a time and date for an email to be sent by going to ‘Options’, then ‘Delay Delivery’ and ‘Do not deliver before’ to allocate when you would like your email to go out, which is ideal in ensuring your not stuck on the computer all day.

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