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    Top Tips for Presenting Online.

    Put the work in beforehand.

    Don’t ever walk into a presentation unprepared. Particularly with Zoom presentations, as it can be even more difficult to improvise when you’re not interacting in person.

    Stage fright is real.

    Try going through the presentation in its entirety first with a family member or friend, or on your own, this is great for overcoming any fear in front of the camera.

    Dress the part.

    As much as you would like to stay in your joggers and oversized t-shirt for the whole day, it cam be hard to take seriously during a professional meeting, plus it will keep you more focused if you are dressed in the correct work clothes. Alongside this, maybe give the room you’re in a quick clean, just so everyone is looking at your hard work instead of the background.

    Sticky Notes.

    A huge bonus of presenting online is you can stick notes and bulletpoints to your screen (where the camera can’t see) to help you along, and make you look more professional if you are always addressing the camera instead of looking through a notebook.

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