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    Top Tips for remote learning

    Create a work environment

    Making a space dedicated to just studying will help you to concentrate better. To create a productive workspace, make sure the objects around you are only those that relate to studying. Ensure your space is free of clutter and don’t use your bed as a place to study – it’s important to keep this as a place of rest. If you don’t have a desk get creative! You can use a nightstand, a shelf or sit on the floor. We also recommend working by a window for some natural light.

    Have a routine

    As well as waking up on time and attending lectures online, it’s important to schedule in time to go over notes, some sort of exercise and time for hobbies and interests. Writing down tasks first thing in the morning will allow you to set your intentions for the day and feel motivated to fulfil them. This free ‘to do’ list template online can help you plan out your days. Write every task, big and small, that you want to complete and highlight your top three priorities for the day.

    Communicate with your lecturers and classmates

    Remember that the same online tools (Moodle, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.) being used to deliver your classes can also be a great way to keep in contact with lecturers and classmates. Ask questions during lectures, discuss topics in forums with others in your class and reach out via email. Although your lecturers can’t be there physically with you, your education is still priority and they’re there to help.

    Get out of your pyjamas and have breakfast

    It’s important to get up and ready for the day, as if you were heading out or to campus. Wearing something other than your pyjamas will make you feel ready to take on any tasks you have. As they say, look good, feel good.

    Make sure you’ve planned your lunch in advance

    Having lunch is important, to give you that boost and also to break up tasks. Avoid making things from scratch at lunch, as this will take up a lot of time. You could have something quick and healthy like a sandwich, fruit, nuts and seeds or pasta. You might even want to set aside a portion of dinner for lunch the next day.

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