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    Top tips for starting a new sport

    Starting any new sport can be extremely daunting, especially if it is a team sport and you don’t know anyone. We have provided some useful tips for you to consider when picking up a new sport.

    Fancy equipment is not necessary

    If you are starting out on your own, working out and have no access to a gym with only the basics or no equipment at home, that is perfectly fine. YouTube is your best friend. This platform provides thousands of workouts, of all kinds, tailored to everyone’s needs and goals. Spending large sums of money on personal trainers or tailored programmes is not the way forward. Nowadays there are much more affordable organisations for you to use and benefit from.

    Push yourself to the limit

    It is important when exercising to challenge yourself, mentally and physically, both of these aspects are equally important when exercising. Train your mind right not just your body. It is easy to focus mainly on your food intake coinciding with exercise, but it is also important to focus on the mental aspect of exercise. We recommend you having a weekly schedule to follow, so you can prepare yourself for what lies ahead in the week, and you can be ready for action.

    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

    Like everything in life, exercise is a learning experience. Nobody gets it right the first time. You will learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Be patient. Trust that by working hard and seeing how you can improve; you will certainly boost your confidence at whatever sport you try. Don’t let fear hold you back.

    Warm Up and stretch

    When participating in any sport that is physical it is important that you warm up and stretch, before and after your workout. Stretching can massively improve your flexibility, reduce risk of injury and decrease muscle tension in your body. This will also improve your performance the next time you work out.

    Make friends and have fun

    The most important element of any sport is that you enjoy it. When joining a new team, have fun, don’t take things too seriously and make new friends. If you struggle to find enjoyment in a particular sport you can always move on to something new.

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