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    Top Tips for Staying Positive while Job Searching

    Don’t take it personally.

    Applying for jobs is can often be tough by nature, the job market is always fluctuating, so it’s likely that you may have to take a couple of knocks and set backs. But don’t take these personally, instead, learn from the experience if you ever have the misfortune of being rejected from a job application.

    Always remember what you’re capable of.

    Every person has a skill of some sort, and every person has the capacity to improve and learn. Learning new things doesn’t stop when you leave school or have kids or even when you retire. The pursuit of knowledge lasts your whole life, so do everything you can to keep growing your understanding and abilities, for work and for yourself.

    Give yourself some time to reflect.

    It will take time and life experience to find a career that you truly enjoy and that suits you best, and that career may not always be the most obvious pathway to you. So while applying for jobs, look back and analyse yourself. What do you like doing? Why do you like doing it? Can you build a career out of it? Which job will help you either lay the foundations, or add on to them, of the lifestyle you’re striving for?

    Switch up your tactics.

    When you’re applying for a role, it is fairly likely that you’re competing against many other candidates who all got the same advice from someone about their CV, their interview techniques and so on. Break the mould. Change your approach, try something new and different. Be innovative when you apply, so that you can keep innovating when you’re employed.