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    Top Tips for staying safe on a construction site

    Always wear the appropriate PPE

    As a bare minimum, the legislation demands hardhats, safety boots and high visibility clothing should always be worn. Additional pieces of PPE such as respiratory masks, safety goggles, high-grip gloves or noise cancellation ear-muffs should always be used when the task you’re completing requires them. Using the proper PPE will be the most reliable way to protect yourself from most hazards, so remember to use the equipment to its full potential.

    Keep work areas neat and tidy

    By this we don’t mean keep everything spotless, after all, construction is messy. If workers make sure tools and equipment are put away properly when not being used, the risk of people tripping or falling will be reduced. You should be extra careful about this when working in high-risk areas.

    Report issues as soon as possible

    If you notice a problem, don’t ignore it, report it to your supervisor immediately. Fill out a near-miss report, an incident report, or simply tell your supervisor. Whatever the procedure in place on your site for reporting issues, use it.
    Action can only be taken quickly if the management has been made aware of the problem. The sooner problems are resolved the less chance for an accident to occur.

    Do not put yourself or others at risk

    Actions speak louder than words. Especially on construction sites where one wrong move could put you in harm’s way. Set a good example, think safe and act safely on site.
    You are responsible for your own behaviour. Construction sites are dangerous places to work. Make sure you remain safety aware throughout your shift.

    Stay well-fed

    The human body works in strange ways. When a person is hungry, it affects the mind and body significantly. Problem-solving becomes harder, concentration begins to decline, and it takes a lot less for someone to lose their temper. These attributes are less than ideal for anyone working in construction. The solution to this problem is simple, keep yourself well-nourished. Concentration is essential when working on a construction site, so don’t let a skipped meal be your downfall.

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