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    Top Tips for transitioning back into the office

    As the country start to get back to normal here are our Top Tips for transitioning back into the office.

    Ensure only crucial staff start returning

    There are still a number of lockdown restrictions to help ensure the publics safety, to adhere to these, any staff who can telecommute or prefer to should continue to do so.

    Establish Office guidelines

    It’s important to remember that fellow workers will be travelling various places, so doing your best to stick to social distancing and using PPE where you can.

    Organise and clean your digital mess

    If a large number of employees have been telecommuting, it is likely that data efficiency has taken a huge hit, so as your colleagues return to the office, clear out any unnecessary files and documentation.

    There will still be people at home

    Even though your peers will be returning to the workplace, a number of workers may need to remain at home if they are at risk, so adjust the work structure and distribution of the workload accordingly.