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    Top Tips for working with international clients

    Plan out communication.

    Ideally you should keep track of your client’s time zones around the world when planning communication. A helpful online tool like the World Clock tells you the current time in countries around the world. You’ll likely want to do most of your correspondence via email, but if you need to talk by phone, pre-arrange a time that works for both of you.

    Be mindful of language barriers when communicating online.

    Whether or not your client is from an English-speaking country, you’re likely to notice differences in language and local slang. If you’re not certain exactly what your client is telling you or asking for, be sure to ask for further clarification.

    Consider legal concerns when it comes to contracts.

    Your standard contract may not be enforceable when it comes to foreign clients. Consider consulting with professional legal help before signing a contract with a foreign client so you know you’ll be legally protected if anything goes wrong.

    Be respectful of cultural customs and differences.

    Before working with an international client, do some research on their local customs and etiquette. You may find that some cultures don’t like to talk about pricing upfront, so you might need to customize the way you discuss your estimate for a project.

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