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    Top tips on finding the right apprenticeship

    Perfect your application

    Your application should tell them everything they need to know about you, not only your qualifications and any work experience you may have, but it should also give some implication of your work ethic, and how compatible you are with the company

    Get as much research as you can done

    This is not just in regard to the company you wish to work at, but the level and specifics of the apprenticeship too, it always helps to read the fine print.

    Be sure to properly prep for the interview

    So you’ve gotten past the first scary step, and secured yourself the interview, now is where the nerves might kick in, but don’t panic. Make sure you’re properly prepared, try rehearsing with your friends and relatives, get them to quiz you while under pressure, and practice your pitch. This is all to help your nerves settle and make you realise that you’ve got this secured before even walking into the interview.

    Network as much as you possibly can

    You never know which connection you make could lead to a new unique opportunity that you weren’t expecting, so meet as many people as you can in the working world and build a healthy, mutually beneficial work connection with them, this will vastly improve your career prospects