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    Top tips to improve your technical drawing skills

    Learn to love it!

    Technical drawing is highly underappreciated in a large number of engineering fields, which is why it is beneficial to change your entire frame of thought about technical drawing, and consider how it can be better incorporated.

    Make sure you have all the right kit.

    Try to get your hands on good quality stationery and drawing boards, ideally the large A2 to A0 size boards, in order to give yourself a challenge and produce larger, more detailed work. Furthermore, ensuring that you have pristine and well maintained scales and measuring equipment saves time, and gives your drawing a boost in accuracy.

    Practice makes perfect.

    There’s no quick and easy way around it, putting in the time to practice and hone your skills and craft are essential here. Remember that consistency is key, so try practising 30 minutes to an hour a day, even in just a notebook if you’re on the go.

    Get online.

    There are plenty of online courses to help guide you and to further improve. There are also plenty of tips and tricks out there to improve efficiency, increase accuracy, and even to better personalise your work