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    Top Tips to increase productivity

    Use your commute time to your advantage

    Try stepping back from using social media or mobile phone games while travelling to and from work, instead, use the time better and learn something new, like a new skill that could help you at work.

    Multi-tasking isn’t always the way to go

    As it could reduce overall productivity by 40%, multi-tasking isn’t necessarily the ideal approach to large workloads, as it splitting your focus leads to stress and mental fatigue, and does not allow your brain to effectively deal with each task.

    Plan your work day

    Taking just 5-10 minutes each night to make a quick plan and to-do list of your next working day could make all the difference, as then you won’t feel so overwhelmed in the morning.

    Have a number of small breaks

    While this may sound illogical, having a reasonable amount of small breaks to split apart the hours will help in keeping you focused and on point.