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    Top Tips to making the most of your open day

    Does your body language represent you?

    Your Body language is a fundamental part of the interactions you are having without even realising it. Try fixing your posture by standing up straight with your shoulders back, which gives the impression of someone who is confident and displays your assertiveness, and this is the type of person that an employer is looking for.

    Have some questions prepared.

    During the course of the open day, there may be a number of queries you have or information you’re looking for, which is why it may be helpful to write up and prepare some questions beforehand. Try considering which job factors and details are important to you, plus having questions ready will showcase your willingness and tenacity.

    Ensure everything is up to date.

    Before arriving at the open day you will want to make sure that your CV and your personal details are updated to include all of your recent experience, qualifications, and any new skills or traits you feel you may have accumulated.

    Enjoy yourself!

    Remember that an open day isn’t meant to be stressful, it’s an opportunity for you to meet new people and be open to new possibilities, so just enjoy and embrace the experience!

    Advice for graduates, juniors and trainees looking for their first job