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    Top Tips to manage your workday

    Regroup and assess part way through the day

    You don’t want to lose your momentum by not paying attention to what’s actually happening that day. Are you really going to get everything done in the time you allocated? You need to be flexible, react accordingly and prioritise.

    Figure out how you best keep track of everything

    To-do lists work for some people but for others they become comically long and, ultimately, useless. Consider using online tools to help you.

    Plan your day before you start it

    Some people can zip through admin first thing in the morning or others prefer to schedule their meetings first thing. Try to plan your day to play to your strengths.

    Manage your inbox

    You don’t have to read every email as it comes in. We recommend that you schedule times of the day to do a ‘sweep’. Creating email folders to help sort through your emails can be a lifesaver.