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    Top Tips to reduce your workload

    Start prioritising and planning realistic targets.

    Many managers are culprits of piling extra weight on to their employee’s workload, rather than aiming to reduce it. Stepping back from the situation and assessing which work is essential and which is low priority can help to break down a dense work load into more manageable sections.

    Brainstorm and test new approaches.

    Experiment with new and varied approaches to the job in hand. See what you can change about the way your tackling an issue, either on a small or large scale.

    Try taking a break.

    Have a break every now and again to split up your time effectively, improving your efficiency and refreshing u for the next block to burn through the work.

    Look back on your work progress.

    Analysing yourself to see where you excel, where you struggle and where you procrastinate allows you to tailor your work approach to be more effective and hit harder.