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    Top Tips to sourcing and using local construction materials

    How do you find your supplies?

    To be able to source the appropriate materials, it will be imperative to research the possibilities and options available in the area local to you. This could essentially mean making your needs very clear to building suppliers, who may not necessarily be used to dealing with clients who are looking specifically for locally sustainable materials.

    Clear communication with contractors is crucial.

    When liaising with contractors, you have to remember to be clear about what your goals and targets are for the project. This includes the quantity and types of materials being used, overall project budget and project prerequisites to name a few. This could also include ensuring contractors do not purchase excess materials or produce needless waste throughout construction.

    Take rules and guidelines into consideration.

    It’s important to bear in mind that there are large number of legal guidelines and standards when it comes to sustainable construction and sourcing materials. For example certain suppliers of wood or metal may have the certification to prove their materials come from a sustainable source, making it legally binding.

    Creativity is key.

    In some cases, the particular sustainable materials you are looking for are not readily available. But don’t be disheartened, instead try getting creative with your solutions, you could potentially supplement a lack of appropriate materials with a more ingenious construction method.

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