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    Top Tips to start networking better

    Be Genuine

    Being overly forward and giving a blatantly rehearsed sales pitch for your company almost always sends a bad signal. It is better to engage in a very genuine conversation where you show a vested interest in getting to know the other person, their business and their affiliations.

    Listen well when joining a conversation.

    One of the main aspects of networking is forming a good dialogue between a group of people. To that end, listening closely to a conversation and responding accordingly is vital to making a good first impression and bolstering your own standing.

    Research your target contacts beforehand.

    If you are going to an event of some kind where you know there will be ample opportunity to network, then knowing in the back of your head how you can collaborate with others in a variety of fields is a huge bonus. Also, it will allow you to tailor your services to better suit the types of clients and contacts you are searching for.

    Focus on meeting people, not companies.

    More often than not, being at a networking event or networking in general can be fairly awkward, if you instead treat other people as friends and colleagues, you will build a stronger connection.