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    At Cavendish Professionals we understand the importance of a lasting impression. It is ingrained in our DNA the importance of giving our clients, candidates and teams an unrivalled experience when working with us. That’s why we highlight the importance of getting to know you not just your next job opportunity.

    You are more than your CV and we understand that everyone is different. We want you to feel trusted and inspired as we know getting the right support and advice can make a difference. We understand that having a positive experience can influence the rest of your life, that’s why we are sharing our experiences with you.

    Sophie’s experience

    "During my second year at university my tutor was always trying to encourage me to be more confident in my ideas and push myself out of my comfort zone. I decided to put myself forward as a team leader for the social media coverage of our upcoming Fashion design show. This role included me managing a small group to help promote the event on different platforms. It proved to be very challenging but I had taken the advice from my tutor and challenged my limits which was very rewarding. This gave me to confidence to approach new situations that I may have avoided in the past."

    Karl’s experience

    "My interest in football started at the age of 8. I played for my local team with my friends and it was a great social activity. I always felt however, that I played in a position where I felt I could not excel, which made me not want to continue with football. I made it to the U17 level after years of playing and was given a great opportunity by my manager at the time to play in the backs. Whilst captain of the team and playing in my position we went onto win the U19 championships. This new position gave me a newfound confidence, helped me develop my skills and most importantly reignited my passion for football again. I will always remember the opportunity that I was given and how it gave me the confidence I needed, it just shows that you should take every opportunity you can as you do not know what will come from it."

     “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Hasan’s experience

    "I was at a cross roads last year with what step I should take next in my career. The journey I had thought I would take had now changed, yet I was stubborn to accept this. I realised that the journey to the army was no longer something I wanted. My priorities had changed. Through some meaningful conversations with my friends, it encouraged me to be self-reflective and make peace with my decision. I find having meaningful conversations with people who I trust can help through uncertain times. You do not always have to make an all or nothing decision, just one that will make you happy.."

    Lorena’s experience

    "The past couple of years have been challenging but I have managed to see the bright side during this time. I believe the optimistic view has made me overcome any hiccups, and I am grateful to have found powerful people along the way. My “partner in crime” Adrian is the best person anyone can have when they are not feeling themselves. He gives me strength and helps me work constructively towards my personal goals and our collective ones. Irrespective of the circumstances, he is there to lift me up. Having someone who encourages you on your bad days and gives you advice when needed is definitely a gift. I am very thankful to him."

    “Every new experience brings its own maturity and a greater clarity of vision.” Indira Gandhi

    Florin’s experience

    "I have had many positive experiences in my life, but I believe the most important ones so far, relate to my professional career. I took a big step and moved to the UK on my own at 19. During my time in the UK, I graduated in Business and Finance from the University of Brighton and shortly after that got my first job in finance. Moving was one of the biggest decisions of my life so far and after achieving what I have, I can now say that it was all worth it. I felt joy, excitement, happiness and was motivated to work harder to achieve more. Every time I see someone successful speaking about how they rose to the top or read a successful story, this motivates me to keep going in order to achieve my goals."

    Natasha’s experience

    "If I was to pick someone who has inspired me, I would say my mum. As a child with sickle cell, most of my childhood was filled with hospital appointments, illness and visits to the doctor. My mum once said to me ‘Yes you have Sickle Cell but do not let it define who you are’. I always held this with me not only during my painful crisis days, but also throughout my life. Me having Sickle Cell is no one’s fault, but the way I respond to it is down to me. Things happen to people sometimes beyond their control, but the way we respond is down to us. This gives me motivation and drives me to always strive to be positive. As I got older, I have learnt to manage my illness better, and as a result I live life to the fullest. Things will happen in life and it’s easy to say ‘Why me’ but you can allow it to either break you or make you. The way my mother was with me has made me become the women I am today. Throughout life, my career and motherhood I have never dwelled on the negative, get back up and keep moving. Such a small set of words that has driven my life thank you mum for your wise words who knew they would leave an everlasting impression!"

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