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    Ways to Be a Better Leader

    We all recognise that being a leader is a difficult role, striking the balance between being authoritative and approachable can sometimes be tricky! Not to worry, we asked our very own leadership team here at Cavendish Professionals to tell us what qualities they think make a good leader.  Here’s what they said….

    Lead by example

    This will help make you that person that others want to follow, showing that you are all working toward the same goal.

    Motivate your team

    Your team may have all the expertise in the world but if they’re not motivated they probably won’t reach their full potential.

    Be approachable

    It’s important for your staff to know that they can feel comfortable speaking with you. Many people leave the workplace due to bad management experiences.

    Have perspective 

    It’s important to be able to see things from another perspective than your own. That’s the first step in understanding and communicating with your employees.

    Respect over fear

    Commanding respect rather than fear creates a happier atmosphere where staff don’t feel threatened.