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    What can we expect in the near future for construction?

    There certainly seems to be a step up in overall progression and advancements the construction industry the last few years, with no signs of slowing down. Taking that into account, here are some trends and fields to keep an eye on in the near future.

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    Green Construction

    With sustainability thankfully being pushed more than ever, green construction is definitely on everyone’s mind. As a growing number of building projects and designs are in need of more sustainable construction methods and machining techniques, green construction becomes a viable option, promoting environmental responsibility and accountability.

    Additional green construction developments that are attaining recognition in industry incorporate facades that utilise carbon scrubbing processes, decreasing overall CO2 levels, as well as bricks and other building materials manufactured out of recycled waste such as tyres and discarded cigarettes. Moreover, there are thermal-based air conditioners and self-healing asphalt.

    Virtual Reality

    The applications and utilisation of virtual reality has been interesting and far more diverse than initially anticipated several years ago. Within the construction industry, there have been plenty of uses for this technology in 2020 alone, that have (and will continue to) help propel the design and imaging sectors tremendously. This immersive software experience provides the opportunity for the user to experience and analyse intricate, complicated logistics more precisely, increasing effectiveness. Furthermore, it allows for a computerised representation of the real world, while being able to digitally implement data and new factors to better visualise the project, better tailoring the design.

    Currently, a large number of designers, architects and manufacturers vastly improve their construction designs via interactive planning and modifications. Therefore, 2022 is in the cross-hairs to witness virtual reality’s impact in construction to increase drastically.


    Robotics is another exciting field with great potential in construction. Bear in mind that technological and mechanical growth in the construction industry are not restricted to only software. The use and operation of drones has become more mainstream for different companies as the technology becomes more convenient. These drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), can be used to assess project sites, analysing various factors such as dimensions, progress rates and potential safety concerns. By improving safety analysis, construction accuracy, and overall efficiency, the drone is an all-round favourite on the job site.

    From operating on production lines, to laying bricks and roads, robotics is being used more and more to ease the work process of a variety of different projects. The construction industry has seen huge leaps in efficiency and a higher level of results produced.


    A personal favourite in new and upcoming developments are the exoskeleton suits. Whilst still in the early phases, and a fair while away from being implemented and distributed on a mass scale, these interesting, futuristic suits being used on site are closer than you think. By aiding workers in carrying and manoeuvring heavy objects much more easily. Having been advertised as likely being capable of reducing muscle force by up to 60%. With this kind of aid from the exoskeleton, construction workers would be able to work much more effectively and with greater efficiency. The average labourer could handle more load than when unassisted, and when the technology is more widely available, site safety will have a large boost.

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