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    What is React?

    React (aka ReactJS or React.js) is an open-source JavaScript library created by Facebook for producing rich web applications quickly and effectively with very little coding required. Its popularity comes from the attention on individual parts. Rather than dealing with the whole web application, ReactJS enables designers to separate the complex user interface (UI) into more straightforward parts.

    Companies need to innovate, and the use of technology is the mechanism that many companies turn to. The results that developers receive has meant the need for further advancements is in high demand, making the software a hot commodity.

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    How React Started

    Facebook being the creators, is where the story began. The developers at Facebook were trying to manage constant coding and updates this became increasingly difficult to manage. Efficiency was needed in order to maintain the coding required for Facebook Ad app. By 2010 the first signs of React started to surface and, by 2011 a prototype was produced by Jordan Walke. Over the next 2 years, React went through many developments and enhancements with early adopters and innovators taking an interest. Then the big launch eventually came in 2013.

    3 years later in 2016 React goes into the mainstream with Netflix and Airbnb already on board. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and continues to be a choice for many organisations creating user interfaces for web applications.

    Why use React?

    React has become exceptionally famous due to its additional effortlessness and adaptability. Many developers believe that it could be the future of web advancement. It has been quoted that in excess of 2,000,000 websites use React.

    Advantages of use

    • SEO friendly
    • High-performance rate
    • Efficient and quick in debugging and development
    • Managed by a passionate community and ecosystem
    • Easy integration of third-party software

    Due to the flexibility and ease of use, there are many companies that use react for their websites. As Facebook is a major developer, so it stands to reason that they use it and so do their other companies – Instagram, and, Whats App. However, these are not the only companies. Other household names such as New York Times, Netflix, and Airbnb.

    A Career in React

    If you have a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript then you could be on your way to working with React, hence its popularity as a front-end web development tool. Cavendish Professionals work with a number of clients, that have lots of projects on the go. Contact our technology team to discuss further the opportunities we have across multiple industries.