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    What is SAP SD Module?

    The well-known Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool SAP, is used by thousands of companies worldwide. SAP makes its software accessible, with the ability to integrate tailored modules that address business data requirements.
    SAP and its integrated applications link parts of a business into one cohesive digital data platform, allowing different departments in one organisation to easily extrapolate information in real-time. Subsequently, offering a seamless workflow system to companies regardless of size. We took a closer look at one of SAP’s core functionality modules SAP Sales and Distribution (SD), which is part of SAP ECC’S Logistics function.

    What is SAP Sales & Distribution (SD)

    The SAP SD module is one of the core functional modules in the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) enabling companies to store and manage customer and product-related data. The data is used to manage the sales, shipping, billing, pricing, transportation, and credit management. The module covers such a vast area, that there are several components are included

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    The SAP SD Module includes:

    SAP SD MD – Master Data, this tracks each transaction of the customer and product data and the credit management (order and cash process).

    SAP SD BF – Basic Functions, establishes the basic functions that work across SD such as pricing, goods availability, check and credit management

    SAP SD SLS – Sales, this component handles the sales process everything from the customer information, product(s), pricing, and feedback.

    SAP SD SHP – Shipping, every sale requires the shipping of the product, and this component manages the shipping and any returns that is associated with it.

    SAP SD TBA – Transportation, keeps track of all the information on the transporting of the product

    SAP SD FTT – Foreign Trade, imports, and export information involved with international transactions

    SAP SD BIL – Billing, manages the billing data including the amounts of the transactions and methods of payment

    SAP SD CAS – Sales Support, hands the interactions of the customer ad sales team

    Each component plays its part in the one single transaction and delivery process.

    Benefits of SAP SD

    SAP SD is one of the most significant modules in the ERP tool. The fact that the module allows an organisation to track the entire sales transactions, which in turn makes the sales and delivery process as seamless as possible.

    The module puts in place a structured framework for effective categorising and handling of the sales and distribution process.

    SAP Consultants that have trained SD modules are in high demand, and our dedicated SAP recruiting consultants always require experienced and qualified SAP SD professionals for their clients, see vacancy listing.

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