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    What should a healthcare worker know in 2020?

    Now more than ever, the worlds healthcare services are under more pressure, with stricter, tighter budgets and a struggle for various types of resources. Therefore, it is unsurprising that nurses and other types of healthcare professionals report feeling stunted or neglected in regard to professional growth development. With this in mind, there are a number of ways to put yourself out there and improve your success rate in stimulating growth in your career.

    Gaining control

    As time goes on, our goals and professional aspirations change, the level of job satisfaction you require will increase, so it is vital that you take responsibility and pro-actively research and adapt. Don’t be tempted to get lazy simply because you have come this far already, as you’ll gain nothing from waiting for opportunities to come to you. The idea of risking your current state can be daunting, however it is absolutely necessary to push yourself out of your comfort zone and ask for the things you want. By actively gathering and compiling information and research, you may full well discover possibilities that you previously didn’t know about. Furthermore, while nobody likes the feeling of being rejected from a job opportunity or being turned down, nothing will be gained from being disheartened and being put off. Instead, utilise this experience and learn from it, how can you improve from this setback and what needs to change about your approach?

    Planning out your time

    Making use of the finite number of available hours in your day is crucial, hence why you will need to plan out and schedule your time to have the most effective and resourceful outcome, whilst ensuring you don’t feel overwhelmed. Even though you may be satisfied with your current position, it always helps to look around to see what can give you a boost, even with making your present role more fulfilling. Would you be interested in specialising in your career field? Or perhaps you would like to take a course for a new medical skill to add to your CV? There are also likely a number of unique responsibilities at your workplace that you could get involved in, or a side venture you would like to build for yourself? The possibilities are endless.

    Get to grips with the job market and networking

    The healthcare industry has an incredibly broad spectrum of professions, specialties and practices, with a constantly expanding knowledge base and job market to accommodate an exponentially growing world population. Taking that into consideration, networking is a vital part of opening doors for your career. Finding out about new career paths and taking in advice and counsel from established professionals helps you build a better foundation to your own career and give you an edge in your field. You can expand your networking connections by utilising social media platforms such as LinkedIn, partaking in workshops, job fairs and events, and shadowing medical professionals to improve your own skillset.

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