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    What you need to know about working a tech job in Poland

    Only a few decades ago, many experts would associate offshore software development primarily with India or the Philippines. However, nowadays the offshore talent pool has expanded exponentially, covering the countries of Eastern Europe. Not to mention, in Poland the IT industry has the highest number of professionals in Central and Eastern Europe, arguably one of the most important factors for many technology companies competing worldwide for the best team members.

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    • Approximately 25% of offshore programmers in Central and Eastern Europe are based in Poland.
    • 4% of people in Poland are software developers.
    • Each year, the Poznan University of Technology graduates around 15,000 students specializing in information and communication technologies. Simultaneously, about 70,000 students are currently studying to software development, meaning that the country receives a constant, ever-growing wave of technical talent.
    • Poland is currently ranked 14th among the top 20 digital countries according to the Tholons Globalization Index 2021. Additionally, the same index reports that Krakow is in the top 20 super cities with regards to digital innovation.
    • The Polish information technology market is growing at a stable rate of 5-10% per year.

    When it comes to transferring large amounts of data to a cloud server, which seems to be gaining a high increase in popularity, ensures easy and fast access to the data stored. However, there are some risks, given that sensitive information is kept by a third person party. That being said, awareness of these potential issues is rising, and many companies have a better understanding that they need to tighten their security systems – especially in light of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    The market is witnessing a high demand for best software developers. In particular, specialists who can easily handle a few programming languages will have their pick of the huge number of job offers. Against the backdrop of the growing popularity of big data and the Internet of Things, the outlooks for specialists in data science and big data architecture are also positive, especially when we consider the need to handle unstructured data in every company.

    In the upcoming years, the growth of new technologies will improve the situation of designers of augmented and virtual reality. This means that the so much desired by the market UI/UX specialists and creators of applications should not be concerned, as they still are and will long be needed.

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