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    Why is workplace diversity so important?

    Diversity is an important part that all employees have to deal with at one point during their careers. There are many positive aspects to diversity in the workplace, such as exchange of ideas because of the diverse cultures of employees, the development of friendship without discrimination, workers learn to cope up with the diverse environment, stereotyping is eliminated, retention of employees are more likely due to healthy competition.

    Companies that embrace ideas and practices from different perspectives create an inclusive culture where the employees become ambassadors for the company. Internal company advocacy attracts talented, ambitious, and diverse professionals. Roughly 64% of candidates research a company online before applying for an opening

    Furthermore, Research showed that diverse teams are better at making decisions 87% of the time over non-diverse teams by offering broader perspectives and bringing more information to the table. Our hardwired biases are mitigated by voices from diverse teams. Diversity in decision-making equates to profitability in the global economy.

    By opting for diversity, you’re opening the business up to a much wider talent pool and a much better chance of getting the right person through the door for a role. Diversity is inclusive of many factors, and one of them is age. Both older and younger generations can benefit from their respective experience and youth.

    Moreover, If you have a more diverse workforce you can market your business more effectively to different ethnic and racial backgrounds.

    Women in Engineering

    When it comes to engineering, The UK needs 186,000 engineers annually through to 2024 according to a study conducted by Engineering UK.  We can only fulfil this demand by being more inclusive when it comes to engineering and technology engagement efforts. Everybody should be given an opportunity to fulfil their potential which is one of the reasons why it is so important that women are given equal opportunities when it comes to education.

    Celebrating Pride Month