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    Why Join a Start-Up Project in the Middle East?

    The Middle Eastern healthcare sector has emerged as one of the fastest growing and most lucrative markets in the world. The rising demand for healthcare services has largely been driven by a significant growth in the population, higher incomes/salaries and lifestyle changes which are leading to an increase in conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, mental illness and cardiovascular disorders.

    GCC Countries are taking measures to encourage the role of the private sector through public/ private partnerships and joint venture initiatives. The main goal is to address the needs of patients, both local and expatriates, and to reduce the number of people who are looking for treatments abroad, achieving a global reputation of medical excellence and establishing themselves as word class, cost effective destinations for medical tourism.

    The GCC states of the United Arab Emirates: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman are heavily investing in healthcare infrastructure mega projects and world-class quality healthcare services. With nearly 350 hospital projects under various stages of development, the total spend on healthcare is expected to increase to $133 billion per annum by 2018. In addition, governments and private investors are also injecting billions of dollars into the construction of specialised departments and facilities, in order to meet the growing demand for condition specific, tailored patient care. A great example is one of our clients – Sidra Medical and Research Center in Qatar, which is massively investing in women’s health in the region.

    Healthcare professionals are moving to the GCC in their thousands, with tax free financial rewards, a great work-life balance, career progression and the prospect of experiencing a new culture adding extra incentive to the already appealing idea of working in a brand new facility.

    Here are just a few reasons to consider joining a healthcare start-up in the GCC:

    Career Development and Progression
    One of the biggest advantages of joining a start-up is the opportunity to improve your skills and progress within your career. You will be given new responsibilities and will gain the invaluable experience of working with another culture. You will jump into a world full of new challenges and possibilities. If the facility is brand new, being one of the first professionals on ground will allow you the chance to be part of the development and implementation of new policies and working practices. Last but not least, being part of a start-up looks fantastic on your CV!

    New Technology and Equipment 

    Healthcare facilities in the GCC invest heavily in modernising and reforming their systems. Government hospitals, as well as international and private healthcare providers, are adopting world renowned healthcare delivery software, ensuring that their services will be some of the best in the world. In recent years, care providers have spent over US $80 billion on technical capability expansion and machinery such as: electronic health records, health informatics, healthcare analytics, imaging software and machinery, surgical technology and mobile health.

    Multinational Team 
    Expatriates make up a large part of the population in the Gulf and have a great impact on the development and improvement of healthcare systems within the GCC. When working on a project of this nature, it is likely that you will have more than 15 nationalities in your team, but will share a common bond through your shared experience of being an expat. Often, when visiting new countries, the most exciting aspect is exploring the local culture. Imagine if you could do that during a meeting or on your lunch break simply by talking to your colleagues!

    Personal Growth and Experience 

    People generally move abroad for 2 reasons – better lifestyle or progression in their career. Working on a start-up project overseas will broaden your horizons and will reveal a vast new set of ideas and business etiquette. By moving outside your comfort zone, you will demonstrate that you are motivated, driven, confident and adapt easily to change and new tasks. HSBC’s Expat Explorer Surveys show that one of the most important benefits to being an expatriate is your personal development. Researches also show that professionals with international experience are often better problem solvers and demonstrate more creativity in the workplace.

    Of course, while discussing all the benefits of moving to the GCC and joining a new hospital, it is important to mention some points you should be aware of in order to make your transition as smooth as possible:

    1. Sometimes there can be a delay between being accepted for a role and actually mobilizing to your new home. Remember, the fact that these projects are start-up initiatives means that sometimes you may have to wait until your department is completed. This simply allows you more time to get your affairs in order.

    2. In most cases you won’t be provided with a list of roles and responsibilities for your new position until you have officially been accepted for the role. Don’t worry, this is a normal practice in the GCC! As you will be joining a brand new healthcare facility, the clients always prefer to discuss their main objectives, vision and mission with you before they discuss the role. This is so they can make sure that you have the personal attributes and skill set, they are looking for.

    3. Being patient during this process is a huge advantage – usually the recruitment for new hospitals is immense and the whole documentation, licencing and visa process is happening for many candidates at one time. You will be asked to provide a number of personal and professional documents and it is crucial that you supply these as soon as they are requested. This will save an exponential amount of time and avoid any further delays in your mobilization. For more information on this process, click here.

    Our consultants have been placing high quality candidates internationally for years. We will assist and guide you through every stage of the process to make sure that your move will be smooth and easy. For more information, contact us today on 02030085212.