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6 Reasons Your Job Search May Not Be Working

Searching for a new job can be stressful at the best of times, particularly when it feels like you have sent out thousands of applications and haven’t heard back from a single one! We know this is something that bothers a lot of job seekers, so we asked our consultants to give us some insight to why your job search might not be getting the desired result. Here’s what they had to say…

Applying for roles without the required skills and experience

Look for roles that match your background and experience to higher your chance of landing the right job. Hiring managers will probably not call you for an interview if you’re under qualified.

Applying with an illegible CV
Choose a clean and professional CV format that is easy for the hiring managers to read and understand. If they cannot read your CV, chances are that they won’t contact you back.

Not being truthful
It’s important to be honest when applying for roles because misleading the hiring manager in believing you have certain skills will only backfire if you land the job and aren’t able to deliver.

Having unrealistic expectations 
If you’re applying for a job which generally pays 20k per annum and you’re asking for 50k per annum, the hiring manager will probably rule you out as a possible candidate.

Not tailoring applications to specific jobs

If you’re applying for a Medical Director role and list your interests as fashion blogging and art, then your CV may not be as relevant to the hiring manager as others may be.

Not being fully committed
When applying for jobs, it’s important to be ready for a change in job. Employers will be able to sense this at interviews and be less inclined to offer you the job.
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