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60 Seconds with... Adrian Duffy

Meet Adrian Duffy, a great colleague of ours who has been working with us for over five years. He's also the Manager for our Technical division. He gladly sat down with us for 60 seconds to go through a few questions, so here is what we found out:

My alarm goes off… At 5:30am Monday to Friday. After a few fights with ‘snooze’, I’m finally up at 7am.

I’m responsible for… The Technical division of Cavendish Professionals. My remit includes day-to-day team management, client development, internal hiring and making sure everyone is working the Cavendish way.

I got my job… I was head-hunted by a rec-to-rec company for the role of Senior Consultant just over 5 years ago and never looked back.

My typical day… Managing clients/candidates from bed, then on the tube and in the lift on the way into the office via my iPhone. Morning meetings/discussions with my team. Then the rest of my day consists of business development, a bit of head-hunting for some of our most difficult roles, strategy meetings, some lunch in between and a lot of tea, coffee and nuts!

My top 3 hobbies… Eating, trying to keep fit and dancing (not ballet!).

My favourite food... Steak! 

My favourite movie genre… Comedy.

My favourite travel destination… So far the Maldives but Japan is a place I really want to go to.

My most memorable work moment… There have been a few but my promotion to Technical Division Manager is what comes to mind.

The best part of my job… Finding the #perfectfit for my clients and candidates.

After work… Homework with my kids, say hello to gym (approx. 1 hour), eat, then bed.
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