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60 Seconds with... Chioma Okeke

We'd like you to meet our great colleague, Chioma Okeke, who has recently joined our Technical department as a Recruitment Consultant. She's been a great addition to the team and here is what we've managed to ask her in 60 seconds:

My alarm goes off… at 06:45am

I’m responsible for…
Providing the best recruitment services to my clients and candidates, both domestically and internationally. 

I got my job…
After completing my Law degree, I swiftly decided that becoming a lawyer simply wouldn’t be enough for me. I graduated and worked in a smaller technical division of recruitment as an account manager. A short 20 months later, I decided it was time to seek new pastures and take the next major step in my recruitment career. I spoke with a fellow recruitment consultant and Cavendish Professionals were highly recommended to me for what I was looking for. 

My typical day… 
Would start off with a good breakfast to keep me well energized for the day. I then check into the office around 08:45 and start writing my to do list for the day, this helps keep me on track with my goals for the day and helps me not to forget anything. After which my day would consist of email correspondence and CVs assessment. Then in the afternoon, I typically research potential candidates/clients and make pre-screening calls (most times, a whole lot more goes on in between).

My top 3 hobbies… 
YouTube, film making, script writing and acting…sorry, that was 4 but I love them all !

My favourite food... 
Foods that have plenty of hot  pepper and are well seasoned !!! 

My favourite movie genre…
Horror, I love a good scare !

My favourite travel destination… 
Anywhere where there’s good food and good weather.

My most memorable work moment… 
So far, would be my 100 % feedback on my client submissions, it’s always good to have that positive affirmation. 

The best part of my job… 
Aside being able to literally change people’s lives, the best part is knowing that I’m being remarkably rewarded for my hard work. 

After work…
I try to head to the gym, then home to cook dinner. Some night’s I skip my routine all together  and just hang out with my friends in the city. 
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