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60 Seconds with... Evgenia Zhovnaruk

We’d like you to meet one of our awesome colleagues, Evgenia, so we’ve set up a 60 second interview with some juicy questions. Enjoy!

Name… Evgenia Zhovnaruk.

My alarm goes off…  6.15 every morning!

I’m Responsible for… I am currently the lead Account Manager for the International Healthcare Desk. Therefore, I am fully responsible and accountable for the performance of our division and making sure our clients benefit from the services we offer. I am also responsible for developing new business and meeting our company goals. 

I got my job… I became involved in the recruitment world after completing my Law Degree. My friend had recommended this career path for me as I enjoy interacting with new people and I am extremely target driven. I found a great deal of success and growth in my first 2 years within recruitment and with Cavendish and have never looked back since.

My typical day…

  • Get to work... make myself a coffee. 
  • Touch base with my clients on email/ phone. They are 3 or 4 hours ahead at the moment, so timing is everything. 
  • Liaising with current and new candidates... the focus then is on either completing the onboarding process with those soon to relocate, interviewing new candidates, prepping for interviews and selling the dream.

The day is varied and not a single day is the same. My clients are in the Middle East and my candidates are global... I could be speaking to someone from America, Sudan, New Zealand, Lebanon and the list goes on. 

My top 4 hobbies… Fashion/ Tennis/ Cinema/Travel... this year I have visited Qatar, Milan, Dubai, Berlin, Rome, Florence, Venice... 

My favourite food... I would have to say Japanese. 

My favourite movie genre… I do love a good Horror or Thriller!! 

My favourite travel destination… NEW YORK!!! I’ve been several times and will be going back there in 2016. 

My most memorable work moment… My first promotion in 2012!

The best part of my job… Hitting my targets and reaping the rewards.  

After work… Head to the gym - home - catch up on Mad Men (box set of the month).

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