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60 Seconds with... Hannah Mogg

Our Cavendish Team is growing rapidly, and we're welcoming great  new colleagues with diverse backgrounds and interests. This week we'd like to introduce you to our great colleague, Hannah Mogg, who forms part of the Marketing Department at Cavendish. This is what we found out in 60 seconds:

My alarm goes off… At 6:40 (snooze for 10 mins) or 5:45 depending on if I’m reluctantly dragging myself to the gym first thing

I’m responsible for… Managing our CRM system and vacancies across job and social platforms as well as liaising with our external agencies in regards to the job boards. Handling media advertising for upcoming recruitment events, as well as our department's data analysis and reporting. Myself and the marketing team also organise all the upcoming social events for the team.

I got my job… Through LinkedIn.

My typical day… I start the morning by catching up on emails. I usually go through the job boards and make sure all the postings are up to date/ refresh where needed. Dependent on any upcoming events, I’ll then put my focus on sourcing and contacting different media platforms for advertising. I tend to spend time going back over the CRM system and updating information where necessary. 

My top 3 hobbies… 
I enjoy socialising with friends, most forms of exercise and food! (Can I add travelling in there too?!)

My favourite food... Japanese.

My favourite movie genre… Horror or thriller, something to get my heart going.

My favourite travel destination… Zambia where my family live, it’s so beautiful and unspoilt. All we do out there is drive motorbikes, swim, play tennis and eat all day! 

My most memorable work moment… When one of my colleagues was trying to pick out a ringtone on his new phone. He thought his headphones were plugged in but they weren’t so we all heard him going through every single sound on his phone for about 10 minutes (sorry colleague.. you know who you are!)

The best part of my job… Working within marketing which is the career I always wanted to get into. At Cavendish the team dynamic is great, everyone gets on so well, I’ve already made some really great friends.

After work… I will head to the gym then home to cook before sitting down to watch my current favourite TV show (right now it’s Love Island – so trashy but I can’t help but love it!) If it’s a Thursday or Friday night then I’m most probably out for dinner/ drinks
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