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60 Seconds With...Kealan Shults

We'd like you to meet Kealan Shults, who recently joined the Cavendish Professionals team as an Associate Director for our Technology Division. 

We sat with him for 60 seconds and this is what we found out:

My alarm goes off...5:15am, I check my emails first, respond to those that I can then I start my day. 

I’m responsible for… everything Software Development related. Particularly placing mid weight-senior software development freelancers into end users, IT Consultancies, Vendors and outsourcing small-medium sized projects to offshore/remote development centres.

I got my job… through a mutual contact. 

My typical day… Starts with a cup of tea. And ends with a cup of tea. However, in between those cups of teas, I'll be on some form of electronic device, talking to clients and candidates not forgetting with more cups of teas throughout the day.

My top 3 hobbies…Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) I'm both obsessed and unfortunately retired, Crypto investing, and the normal socialising (holidays, meals, restaurants, sporting events, festivals, etc).
My favourite food... Anything but cheese. 

My favourite movie genre… Action, never a time I wouldn’t pick action over any other genre. 

My favourite travel destination…  Thailand and Ireland (complete opposites I know).

The best part of my job… being around like-minded people who know how to focus and have a laugh.

After work… You will find me at home attempting to cook a master piece. Sometimes I think I should go on MasterChef and put my creations on show for all to see.
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