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How to Approach Your Boss When You Want to be Moved to Another Team

It's a common issue: you feel like your skills and experience would be better utilised in a different department, but you're unsure of how to pitch the idea to your boss.We've put together some tips to help you to pitch your idea just right....

1. Reflect on your decision to move
It’s important to think your decision through before approaching your boss. If you make the move to another team and realise that nothing has improved, then it may not have been the best choice.  

2. Analyse the pros and cons of moving
How will moving to another team benefit both you and the company? How will the move affect you? Will you be happier at work? The more you understand the positives and negatives of your decision, the better you’ll be able to pitch it. 

3. Arrange a time to speak with your boss
It’s best to arrange a formal time to meet and discuss your request. This will allow you to prepare your argument properly and give your boss time to have a conversation with you without any distractions. 

4. Present your idea and reasoning to your boss
This is your time to explain exactly why you’d like to change teams and give your boss some insight into the positive aspects of this move. Your boss will then evaluate and possibly move you to a new team. Good luck!

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