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How to Ask Your Boss For Further Training

Investing in employees is vital for loyalty, motivation and ultimately the company's success, but it can be hard to convince your boss that further training will be beneficial in the long run. Here's some tips from our Cavendish Professionals on how to sell your case!

Think about how extra training will improve your overall work performance and job satisfaction.

Research the training that you’re interested in thoroughly! Choose a course that you feel will best suit your needs. 

Analyse what is offered in the training program. How long will it take to complete? Will you need to take time off work?

Present your idea to your boss and explain why you believe that this will be a good investment for the company.

Some useful points to include when you make your pitch:
  • Training of employees allows for knowledge sharing within the company.
  • Receiving training in a new area tends to motivate and inspire employees – reducing staff turnover. 
  • The company’s investment in training shows employees that they are valued, this in turn creates a supportive workplace.
  • Training staff in new disciplines may also mean the company can begin to offer additional services.
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