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How to Engage With Different Personalities at Work

During your career you will encounter all manner of people with different personalities, tastes and viewpoints. In a work environment it can sometimes be a challenge to engage with people who you have nothing in common with on the surface. Here are our top tips on engaging with your colleagues to get the best out of your career experience. 

1. Reflect on your own character
It’s a good idea to assess your own character first in order to be self-aware and understand how other personalities will react to yours.

2. Listen well 
Listening helps you to become aware of how people work, interact and react in different scenarios, allowing for a better working relationship.

3. Be open-minded and transparent
This will be a great opportunity for you to learn about your colleagues and your transparency will allow them to learn about you. 

4. Respect and understand their differences
Remember that no one is the same. People's sense of humor, working style and personal beliefs will be different - a healthy appreciation of diversity is essential in the workplace. 

5. Socialise outside of work
Some people are completely different once they leave the office. You may find that you have more things in common with your colleagues than you realise!
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