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RCN Jobs Fair, London, September 2015

Last week our consultants Selase and Mark attended the RCN Jobs fair at the Islington Business Centre in North London. 

Now in its 6th year, the jobs fair is a chance for Nursing and Allied Health professionals who are interested in further developing their careers to meet with leading employers and agencies from across London and the UK. 

Our consultants met with a number of our existing clients, including The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, the HCA, The Bupa Cromwell and St Joseph’s Hospice, and were excited to see the developments these facilities had in store for both staff and patients. 

Our UK Healthcare consultant Selase noted, “It was exciting to reconnect with our existing clients, and to speak with them about the rebrand we underwent recently. So far the reaction has been really positive, and it was good to see potential new clients becoming engaged with Cavendish Professionals and the work that we do.”

With the market becoming more and more candidate driven and healthcare professionals having greater choice when looking at new opportunities, recruiters need to work harder with their candidates to find the best match. Potential employers need to become more innovative when attracting highly skilled people; and are increasingly relying on the expertise of recruitment consultancy firms such as Cavendish Professionals to provide advice on offering the best competitive packages and options for advanced training/ professional development.  

Of course one of the pitfalls of recruitment is reaching potential candidates before other firms do, and this is no different whether hospitals meet with professionals face to face or companies recruit them via the telephone. Competition can be intense and most of the hospitals we spoke to mentioned that while the day was successful overall, one of the issues they had was contacting candidates before other hospitals had the chance to. Despite this, there was an excellent turnout, with all stands receiving a lot of attention from potential employees and seminars reaching full attendance. 

Although the hours of this year’s job fair were reduced over the two day period, it certainly still had the same vibrancy and buzz in comparison to previous RCN Jobs fairs. “The competition between hospitals, agencies, recruiters and even other healthcare professionals added an extra edge of excitement to the atmosphere,” said Head of UK Recruitment Mark Liston, “I’m sure everyone will leave today feeling that they have done well”.
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