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    Celebrating Women in Technology – Jennifer Looby

    Jennifer Looby – Project Manager

    To celebrate Women in business across a range of different technology markets and industries, we checked in with a few industry leaders to get their take on the tech industry, the progression that’s been made and what could still be improved to ensure an inclusive female workforce.

    Jennifer Looby is a Project Manager in the Sales Operations Division of Dell’s Education Services Organisation.

    What made you interested in entering a career in the technology industry?

    On graduating from University, I was looking for an opportunity in a dynamic modern industry that would allow me to grow and develop my career in project management while at the same time giving me scope to learn new skills. I felt working within the technology industry allowed me to accomplish those goals.

    What changes have you seen the industry make in order to become more inclusive of women entering the market?

    In order to be truly inclusive, the Tech industry has had to embrace newer and more flexible models of work to ensure it remains an attractive prospect for women entering and returning to the workplace. Dell is an industry leader in this area, with an excellent remote workplace program in place prior to the pandemic. This has allowed me to maintain an excellent work-life balance while pursuing the career I have worked so hard for and love.

    What advice would you give women entering the industry?

    Women are far more likely to underestimate their own skills and achievements than their male colleagues. Don’t underestimate yourself and what you have to offer a company, and secondly do your research and negotiate, you are worth more than you think!

    What advice would you give to young female graduates who are keen to enter the industry?

    Join a graduate program. Many large tech companies offer competitive and exciting grad programs that will give you the opportunity to join their company with the security of having a mentor and peers to support you as you grow your career.

    What further improvements or changes do you think could be made to encourage women to join the technology industry?

    I think in order to further improve the tech industry and help create a healthier work environment, better and more flexible work models could be introduced. Alongside this, better maternity and parental leave benefits are vital, and most importantly, address the gender pay gap!

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