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    Construction industry – applying for your CCDO card

    Certificate of Competence of Demolition cards (CCDO) was made essential in the UK construction industry to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. Today nearly all employers require all hires to hold a CCDO card when working in demolition. This card is unique to demolition work within the construction industry, which ensures operatives have specific safety and training before joining any construction sites.

    The application process for a CCDO card is straightforward. Contacting the National Demolition Training Group (NDTG) on +44 (0)144 221 7144, you will be given all the information you require and an application form to complete. In addition, every applicant will need to complete and pass the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment test.

    There is a total of six CCDO cards, comprising of:

    • Red – Demolition Apprentice (Trailblazer) (SAP) (3-year card)
    • Green – Demolition Labourer
    • Gold – Demolition site visitor
    • Black – Demolition manager/Contracts manager
    • 2 blue types – Demolition Topman

    There are different application requirements for each card.

    A Green (Labourer) CCDO card, requires successful completion of an Asbestos Awareness Course. This also includes the Demolition Awareness one-day course with a level 1 NVQ exam at the end. The Asbestos Awareness courses need to be completed within the last 12 months by a National Demolition Training Group NDTG approved training provider (Excluding E-learning certificate) when you are applying. The Green CCDO card is valid for 5 years and can be renewed once expired. To Find out more about each card, with the necessary requirements, you can find out more from the NDTG here.

    If you would like to know about CSCS cards, another essential card to hold for joining any construction site, you can learn more here. If you keep an eye out for our construction series, we advise you on all your essentials for starting work within the construction industry.

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