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    Cavendish Professionals 2023 Charity Football Day

    Cavendish Professionals charity football day

    Cavendish Professionals held a charity football event on Thursday 23 February at Powerleague. The event was a great success, with 12 companies coming together to compete in a football tournament and raise money for a worthy cause.

    The charity football day aimed to raise money and awareness for Construction Sport, a charity that works hard to make a difference for workers and their families in the construction industry. They use sport as the conduit to elicit change and to provide the education needed to make things better, they have found an effective and enjoyable way to tackle the issue like mental health and addictions in the construction sector and raise awareness of serious problems.  Construction Sport strives to create a positive environment for an industry that has a suicide rate of 34 per 100,000 and makes construction safer for all workers.

    “Cavendish Professionals Thank you for a fantastic evening of 5aside football in the east end of London. A moment away from the stresses of life in this industry, to recharge and build relationships, allows us to go again. The truly proactive way to address mental health and support the construction workforce”-Steve Kerslake founder of Construction Sport

    The day

    The event kicked off at 4 pm with teams playing a minimum of 4 games each in the group stages.  Then is when things started to get really competitive with the knockout stages.

    The two teams left standing were Basebuild and RED Group, with many teams still supporting each other to the very end.  We would like to thank all the companies who participated in the event and everyone who came out to watch and support. The contributions and support helped make the event truly a success with everyone having a great time. Congratulations to all the teams and especially our finalists. It was a thrilling final, however, Basebuild’s determination paid off in the end as they emerged victorious in the CP 2023 Charity tournament. The charity would not have been able to raise as much money and awareness for Construction Sport without everyone’s support.

    First place

    Second place

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