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    Cavendish Professionals and Construction Sport

    In the construction industry, there are a variety of pressures that can take their toll, from tight contracts and long hours, to time away from loved-ones and budget management, plus the added stresses that have accrued since the Covid-19 pandemic and the rising costs of supplies. We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with our partners Construction Sport for a great discussion about the construction industry, mental health and the impact that their charitable organisation has for construction workers and personnel.

    Charity Day | Construction Sport

    Steve Kerslake

    Steve is a Trustee and the Founder of Construction Sport, with a background in Groundworks and Civil Engineering, Steve began with Construction Sport with a number of construction operatives with the goal of improving the lives of construction workers and their mental health.

    Our Team

    Mark Liston

    Mark has been with Cavendish Professionals since it’s establishment back in 2009 and has experience in all sectors of recruitment. As the Director of the Construction Division, Mark oversees the contracts team and permanent roles team for recruiting candidates on projects and placements across the UK.

    Michael Hughes

    Michael is a Contracts Manager in the construction division, handling different contract roles, managing clients and operatives for a number of projects across the UK. With 7 years of prior sales experience, his main focus is ensuring that operatives are working under appropriate conditions and clients needs are met to the best and most professional standards.

    Construction Sport has made amazing changes to the construction industry and provides an excellent service to those in need. If you are interested in learning more about the work they’ve done and the impact they make, feel free to click here.

    Charity Golf Day – Construction Sport