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    Charity Golf Day – Construction Sport

    Construction Sport founder Stephen Kerslake, uses the power of sport to tackle mental health within the construction industry. “As a company, Cavendish Professionals believe in keeping physically fit to support everyone’s mental health. It is something that we encourage with our employees, which is why when Stephen approached us to support his charity. This collaboration made sense and above all, it aligned with our values” Mark Liston Director of the Construction Division.

    Stephen works in the construction industry and has not only seen firsthand the struggle that construction workers go through on a daily basis, but he also has personal experience on how the industry has an effect on a person’s mental health.

    Community Impact

    The work within the sector is not only physically demanding but also mentally. Using sport as a way for people to come together and feel part of a community can have huge positive benefits.  Construction Sport provides a safe space for people to talk (if they wish). This in fact can give anyone a positive mental lift.

    Construction Sport has organised various sports that workers have taken part in. These events have received such positive feedback. The benefit is that anyone can take part, you do not have to be a professional, it is about having fun reset the mind, and socialise with peers. The events that Construction Sport has organized range from; playing golf, to undertaking long-distance walks, in addition to playing football and rugby.

    The sporting element is only one part of the charity program. Construction Sport has also created a platform where people can find resources regarding construction specific advice. This includes advice on mental health, wellbeing, policies, and guidance. These courses are available for anyone to use, and the platform provides a hub of information that can be accessed on a regular basis to help support construction workers.

    Our aim

    On Friday 20th May we want to bring awareness and support charities like this, that are creating a positive environment for the industry. Both charities Lighthouse Club – The Construction Charity and Construction Sport want to make construction a safer place for all workers. Cavendish Professionals want to be part of the positive change.

    Watch the video below:

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