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    Cavendish Professionals attend BITA’s Annual Masters Golfing Event

    Cavendish Professionals attend BITA’s Annual Masters Golfing Event

    In the month of September, some of our team had the privilege of attending BITA’s annual golfing master’s event. We are delighted to be continued members of BITA’s community. The team had the opportunity to converse with some leading innovators across multiple industries.

    Who are BITA?

    BITA (The British and Irish Trading Alliance) are a non-profit networking organisation, who host educational, networking and social events throughout the UK and Ireland. BITA believe that networking events play a fundamental role in both personal and professional development, offering opportunities for learning and growth.

    A selfie of four men from a charity golf day
    A man swinging a golf club

    The Power of Collaboration

    We recognise the unique perspectives and solutions that can be shared by bringing numerous industries together and feel that BITA creates that community for organisations to thrive. This event was an opportunity for organisations to network and come together to support through collaboration and innovation. Partnering with BITA has meant organisations throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, can leverage their collective strengths and address challenges that no single sector can tackle in isolation.

    We would like to thank BITA for the invitation to this event. Our team had an enjoyable and valuable experience playing golf with other organisations. We value the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals in such a unique and relaxed setting. We are looking forward to the next event.