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    Preparing Students for the World of Work at Friern Barnet School


    On the 19th May 2023, Adrian Duffy (Head of Software Development) at Cavendish Professionals gave a special presentation and workshop to a Year 10 Class at Friern Barnet School. The aim was to help prepare students for life outside of school. The sessions discussed and explored how to plan for interviews not only for their future careers but also to help further education interviews they may go on to.

    In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, it’s crucial for educators to equip students with the necessary life skills and provide as many real-life situations that equip students to succeed in the world after leaving school.

    Foster a growth mindset

    The workshops included the importance of preparation for the interview process. Preparation being just as important and can make a huge difference.  The traditional academic education model alone is no longer enough to meet the demands of modern workplaces. To ensure that the next generation thrives in their chosen careers, Adrian states “We must prioritise the development of essential soft skills, foster a growth mindset, provide career guidance and exploration”, he developed further to emphasize the importance of digital literacy and encouraged entrepreneurship and innovation, and above all how it is crucial to nurture a strong work ethic. Regardless of any route, a young person undertakes having the ability to work hard, a strong work ethic will always put the individual in good stead.

    Adrian’s own journey

    During this workshop, Adrian walked the class through his personal career journey. A journey that might not look straightforward and linear, but how each of his roles he was able to transition and apply his knowledge and experiences to different avenues in his life. While academic knowledge is important, it’s the soft skills that can truly set individuals apart in today’s job market. Skills like effective communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, adaptability, and emotional intelligence are highly valued by employers. As a recruiter, Adrian was able to highlight that companies look for a culture fit, which doesn’t necessarily come from the results on paper, but the individuals’ personality, character, the soft skills that they are able to bring to the organisation.


    Preparing students for the world of work goes beyond academic knowledge. The ability to help students to focus on the development of soft skills such as; fostering a growth mindset, the ability to encourage exploration, promoting digital literacy,  entrepreneurship, and nurturing a strong work ethic, educators can empower the next generation to thrive in the dynamic and competitive professional world.

    By equipping students with these essential skills and experiences, we are setting them up for success and enabling them to make meaningful contributions to society. Together, let’s pave the way for a brighter future!

    A big thank you to Friern Barnet School for organising the day, and a big thank you to all the students that took part in the workshops. We hope that the students gained valuable insight into how each person’s professional path differs but as long as you keep learning and growing from experiences you can never fail.  Every day is a win.