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    How have software applications accommodated working remotely?

    Covid-19 has presented many challenges for everyone over the past year, especially when it comes to work and income. All companies have had their fair share of struggles, but there is no question that cloud-based communications have helped overcome the effects of covid-19 in the working world. Millions of employees have adapted to work from home life and proved that working in a new and flexible environment can be a success. Workers have pleaded for increased work flexibility over the years, with no radical changes have been made until now. Hence why even though economies are beginning to reopen, these newfound working arrangements will not change any time soon.

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    No other technology infrastructure has revolutionised the way we work like the computer has. Work is no longer a destination, instead being comprised of a journey using multiple forms of transport. It is as simple as a chair and desk in your front living room, it’s effortless and your work can get completed in a timelier manner. This is a game changer when it comes to the configuration of companies, pushing efficiency to compete in global markets.

    Working from home has become so successful due to the development of many software programmes and smart work-from-home technologies. Some of these include Zoom, Microsoft teams and WebEx. The growth of these platforms sees millions of people connect from anywhere in the world. Working from home would not be possible without the success of these applications and their convenient user interface. However, there has also been significant growth with the deployment of WFH devices. This has led to greater productivity for companies despite their employees being at home and it offers improved connectivity for anyone connecting to their office databases. In addition, technologies such as hybrid cloud and cybersecurity has seen an increase in their investment, the essential tools that enable faster and simpler connectivity between on-site data centres and cloud. These integrations make working from home such a success and they will continue to grow and develop in the future.

    Remote working has opened up endless opportunities for employees and employers across the world especially in relation to migration. The possibility of working for a company from a different country was unheard of not so long ago, but now this is our reality in 2021. Employers can hold on to their most valued staff whilst they work on the other end of a computer in a different country. This way of working is still progressing, and changes will always be on the horizon, but it is certainly the future way of working.