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    How Technology partnerships can be mutually beneficial

    When 2 organisations decide to collaborate, there are a number of potential benefits, as well as possible drawbacks to look out for. Typically, Technology partners focus on building a client-partner relationship versus a customer-vendor relationship, and help organisations implement and optimize their technical systems. They’re not just selling a product, they’re offering long-term guidance, services, and support that acts as or supplements your in-house technology expertise.

    An interesting collaboration that took place is the ongoing Lego and Adidas collaboration from back in 2020, this partnership consisted of both Lego and Adidas manufacturing unique designs of their product lines to advertise the other organisation’s trademark aesthetics and designs. In this case it meant that Lego had designed a line of buildable shoes based on Adidas’ sneaker aesthetics, meanwhile Adidas created a line of actual wearable sneakers with features reminiscent of the typical Lego block design. With this fascinating partnership between 2 large companies, they were able to much more easily navigate and produce high-end, limited-edition products to sell, as well as overcome potential licensing issues/copyright laws and establish a strong foothold in each other’s pre-built audience base.

    Partnering with a Technology company

    There are many perks to forming a strong partnership with a technology-based company, especially in today’s climate and with successfully navigating the large variety of software applications out there, and what they can do for your own company:

    • A technology provider can help keep your business’s technology relevant and help you uncover new technology solutions. More importantly, a technology provider can help you see through fads in technology and ensure that new purchases are relevant for your business for the long haul.
    • When it comes to implementing long-standing technology systems, two heads are better than one- but just as a tech partnership can effectively deliver any technical know-how, don’t underestimate the value any business acumen can offer in return. Merging and sharing resources can be a highly effective way of advancing both parties on the path to innovation and success.
    • A sustained, committed partnership offers, on one side, the benefit of ongoing, innovative work and, on the other, the delivery of the most effective technology systems. But more than this, a long-term partnership offers both companies the opportunity to get to know each other’s business and build quality relationships with the people who are the driving force behind it, making it easier to work together and quickly adapt to any challenges.

    Whilst there is a vast amount to consider and plan out when forming any kind of partnership, finding and collaborating with the right tech company to suit both of your needs can change everything and help you can expand much further than you ma be able to on your own.

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